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The word raas literally means juice, but it can also indicate passion. So this was the dance of passion. The fragrance of this dance spread. It also fell on Shivas ears that on full moon nights, a fantastic dance happens on the banks of the river Yamuna. He became aware that people just danced their way to what he had achieved through meditation. Shiva is Nataraja, the Lord of Dance. This is something which is unique to India only Indian gods dance. If they fall in love, they dance. If they get ecstatic, they dance.

If they get angry, they dance. So being the Lord of Dance, Shiva was very amused that this little boy, his devotee, was taking people to transcendental states simply by dancing and blowing upon his flute.

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He wanted to witness this. He walked from the Himalayas to the banks of the river Yamuna and said to a boatman who was there, Please take me across to Vrindhavan. I want to see Krishnas Raas. The boat man replied, You cannot go like this. When you go to the Raas, Krishna is the only man, everyone else is a woman. If you want to go, you have to go as a woman. Shiva is considered the ultimate of the masculine the purusha among purushas. So it was a strange request, that Shiva had to become a woman. But the Raas was in full swing and Shiva wanted to go there.

Krishna Janmashtami

So the boatman said, If you must go, you must wear womans clothing. Shiva looked around. Noone was looking, so he said, Okay, give me the gopis clothes. He wore the clothes of a gopi and went across. He is such a sport. This story signifies that essentially, the nature of celebration is feminine. Feminine means exuberance. And that is how you should be every moment of your life exuberantly alive.

What is the point in being half alive? We did not come here to avoid life, we came to know and experience life. And you cannot experience life unless you keep yourself as intense and exuberant as possible. Your whole life, your very existence should become a celebration.

If your life has to become a celebration, you have to become absolutely joyful within yourself. And this is not just empty talk such a thing is possible. There is a whole science through which you can create the right kind of chemistry within yourself to become joyful by your own nature. Editors Note: Get the latest updates from the Isha Blog. Twitter, facebook, rss or browser extensions, take your pick.

Cancerisaserious aberrationinthe human system. ClassicalYoga bringsharmonyand neutralizesaberrations. Read Free For 30 Days.

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Raas Leela — the Dance of Passion. Description: Raas Leela — the Dance of Passion. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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