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American Soldiers in Iraq offers a unique snapshot of American soldiers in Iraq, analyzing their collective narratives in relation to the military sociology tradition. Grounded in a century-long tradition of sociology offering a window into the world of American soldiers, this volume serves as a voice for their experience. It provides the reader with both a generalized and a deep view into a major social institution in American society and its relative constituents-the military and soldiers-during a war.

In so doing, the book gives a backstage insight into the U.

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The author triangulates qualitative and quantitative field data collected while residing with soldiers in Iraq, comparing and contrasting various groups from officers to enlisted soldiers, as well as topics such as boredom, morale, preparation for war, day-to-day life in Iraq, attitudes, women soldiers, communication with the home-front, "McDonaldization" of the force, civil-military fusion, the long-term impact of war, and, finally, the socio-demographics of fatalities.

The heart of American Soldiers in Iraq captures the experiences of American soldiers deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom at the height of the conflict in a way unprecedented in the literature to date. This book will be essential reading for students of military studies, sociology, American politics and the Iraq War, as well as being of much interest to informed general readers. Introduction: American Soldiers 2. Real G. Janes: American Female Soldiers in War 8. Conclusion: Soldiers, Minds, and American Society. Morten G. Learn moreā€¦. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource.

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This series publishes the best possible scholarship on the security issues affecting the region, and includes detailed empirical studies, theoretically oriented case studies and policy-relevant analyses as well as more general works. Edited by Kevin J. Cady and Sheldon W. Dennis J. Edited by Stuart A. Complimentary Exam Copies Titles marked with this icon are available as complimentary exam copies for lecturers or faculty considering them for course adoption. Visit the URL to obtain your print or electronic copy. Edited by Donald Stoker, Kenneth J. Hagan and Michael T.

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Visit www. Edited by Joseph L. Cass Series on Peacekeeping Series Edited by Michael Pugh, University of Bradford, UK This series examines all aspects of peacekeeping, from the political, operational and legal dimensions to the developmental and humanitarian issues that must be dealt with by all those involved with peacekeeping in the world today.

Want more information on a book? Visit the direct URL found at the bottom of the title description. Its aim is to produce a useful taxonomy of terror and violence through comparative and historical analysis in both national and international spheres. Each book discusses origins, organisational dynamics and outcomes of particular forms and expressions of political violence. John Harrison, S. Intriligator and John P. Martin N.

American Soldiers in Iraq: McSoldiers or Innovative Professionals? (Cass Military Studies)

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Visit our up-to-date website for a complete listing of all our titles. It concentrates in particular on publishing expositions of key historical issues and critical surveys of newly available sources. Edited by Nigel J. Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding Series Edited by Keith Krause, Thomas Biersteker and Riccardo Bocco, all at Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland This series publishes innovative research into the connections between insecurity and underdevelopment in fragile states, and into situations of violence and insecurity more generally.

It adopts a multidisciplinary approach to the study of a variety of issues, including the changing nature of contemporary armed violence conflict , efforts to foster the conditions that prevent the outbreak or recurrence of such violence development , and strategies to promote peaceful relations on the communal, societal and international level peacebuilding. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway. Contemporary Security Studies This series focuses on new research across the spectrum of international peace and security, in an era where each year throws up multiple examples of conflicts that present new security challenges in the world around them.

Edited by Graeme P. Territory, War, and Peace John A.

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Vasquez and Marie T. Joshua A. From Kosovo to Khandahar M. Harvey, Dalhousie University, Canada. Lang Jr. Bellamy, Roland Bleiker, Sara E. Biersteker, Peter J. James V. David Mason and James D.

First to facilitate an understanding of global politics that is grounded in the geopolitical realities. Secondly, to outline the strategic options that policy makers face in a number of geographical regions. These two objectives will be fulfilled by revisiting the classical geopolitical theories of the twentieth century, and the publication of new work on geopolitical theory.

Taken together they will attempt to illuminate the geographical perspective of the twenty first century. Hardy Jr. Davies, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia and Monica Serrano, Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, CUNY, USA This book series aims to gather the best new thinking about the Responsibility to Protect into a core set of volumes that provides a definitive account of the principle, its implementation and role in crises; reflecting a plurality of views and regional perspectives.

Government Official History Series The Government Official History series began in with wartime histories, and the peacetime series was inaugurated in by Harold Wilson.

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The aim of the series is to produce major histories in their own right, compiled by historians eminent in the field, who are afforded free access to all relevant material in the official archives. The Histories also provide a trusted secondary source for other historians and researchers while the official records are not in the public domain.

Secret Flotillas Vol. The series hopes to focus on the impact of cultural changes on foreign relations, the role of strategy and foreign policy and the impact of international law and human rights on global politics. It is intended to cover all aspects of foreign policy including, the historical and contemporary forces of empire and imperialism, the importance of domestic links to the international roles of states and non-state actors, particularly in Europe, and the relationship between development studies, international political economy and regional actors on a comparative basis.

These books will fall into three general categories: studies of the armed forces of specific countries; books on military-related social and political issues; and case studies of wars and battles. Edited by T. Peter Burgess, PRIO, Oslo, Norway The aim of this book series is to gather state-of-the-art theoretical reflection and empirical research into a core set of volumes that respond vigorously and dynamically to new challenges to security studies scholarship.

It seeks to advance a new generation of thinking on traditional subjects, and investigate topics frequently overlooked in orthodox accounts of terrorism. Routledge Global Security Studies Series Edited by Aaron Karp and Regina Karp, both at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA Global Security Studies stresses security issues relevant in many countries and regions, accessible to broad professional and academic audiences as well as to students, and enduring through explicit theoretical foundations.

Edited by Bernd W.

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Towards a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World? Edited by A. Routledge Studies in Intervention and Statebuilding Edited by David Chandler, University of Westminster, UK The series asks broad questions about the dynamics, purposes and goals of this interventionist framework and assesses the impact of externally-guided policy-making. Walker, University of Victoria, Canada This book series will establish connections between critical security studies and International Relations, surveillance studies, criminology, law and human rights, political sociology and political theory.

To analyse the boundaries of the concepts of Liberty and Security, the practices which are enacted in their name often the same practices will be at the heart of the series. These investigations address contemporary questions informed by history, political theory and a sense of what constitutes the contemporary international order. Reconciliation after Terrorism Strategy, Possibility or Absurdity?

Peace in International Relations Oliver P.