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His other passion is being a member of the Lismore Gem and Lapidary Club where there are plenty of male companions. Most come to do the spectacular waterfall circuit and to swim in the cool, clean waters — from Millaa Millaa with its heritage listed metre drop to Ellinjaa and the beautiful Zillie Falls. Carina Platt, who runs River Song Retreat nearby and conducts yoga classes by the water, called the area Australia's hidden secret.

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  • The pool as therapy.

Public ocean pools fed by water straight from the sea are not uncommon in the beach suburbs of NSW, but in the north of Western Australia there is a backyard sea pool in Broome with a unique history. Broome was built on the back of the pearling industry, and when Mick Coppens came to Broome to train as a young pearl diver he was sent to the extra-deep saltwater pool "behind the blue house by the bay". The new divers coming into the industry would all have to be trained in this pool," Mr Coppens said. Many years after training in the pool, he had the chance to buy that blue house and become the owner of Broome's most unusual pool.

The drawback is my power bill is a bit excessive. Roebuck Bay is a Ramsar-listed wetland, and owning a beautiful sea pool right next door sometimes attracts the locals to pop in and just hang out. I've even had a sea eagle, an osprey in here, just sitting around doing nothing," he said.

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When driving through Kakadu National Park, signage at the edge of wetlands, creeks, and billabongs scream warnings of 'Do not swim' and 'Be crocwise'. In the park's unofficial capital of Jabiru however there are a select group of people who refuse to stay dry. Donned in goggles, wetsuits, caps, and wielding wooden sticks, 12 residents dive to the bottom of the Jabiru pool every Tuesday evening. Denise House, the team's coach, moved to Jabiru 18 months ago and said the first thing she went hunting for was a pool.

As soon as I arrived in Jabiru I contacted the pool immediately and I asked if I could start up the sport. But this was an opportunity for me to add something new to our community. Ms House described the Jabiru pool as an oasis in the otherwise dry community on the edge of Arnhem Land and said the pool has allowed her and her family to slot in perfectly. Ms House said she is now hoping from this one small poolside club the sport will grow throughout the Territory. And Jabiru is testament to how a strange sport can pull the community together," she said.

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Mr Egan said it was simple enough to design the pool and thin strips of fibreglass were used to accommodate the unique shape. Mr Egan said, to his knowledge, he was the only person in Australia with an Australia-shaped pool. Where's Kununurra?

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Where's Sydney? Where's Adelaide? Topics: swimming , oceans-and-reefs , leisure , history , water , lifestyle , urban-development-and-planning , womens-health , lifestyle-and-leisure , occupational-health-and-safety , broome , darwin , goonellabah , wooroonooran , jabiru First posted September 29, More stories from Western Australia. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Learn more. By Jennifer Feller. A brothel madam shot in the head and a trail of suspicion leading to police officers and high-profile politicians — as the inquest into the Shirley Finn murder draws to a close, will the truth ever prevail? Producing food accounts for about 70 per cent of global freshwater use and the foods that use the most may surprise you.

You can talk about the NRL grand final until you feel like you've rubbed your larynx with sandpaper but there are only two words you will ever need to say. It is worth taking extra care with certain foods that are more likely to harbour nasty pathogens. Photo: Pools are an intrinsic part of Australian culture, here popping up at Darwin's Infinity bar.

Supplied: Kate Dinning. Related Story: Australia's pools, now and then. Related Story: Scooter Patterson on life, swimming and owning the word 'midget'.

Related Story: Want to rule your pool? How about inviting the wildlife in? Photo: The opportunity to have a beer in the pool has proven a drawcard for Darwin's Trailer Boat Club. Supplied: Lizzy McArdle. Photo: Not just a place for a beer, the pool at the Trailer Boat Club is looking to run kids swimming lessons to cater to a broad cross-section. Supplied: Megan Cherry. Photo: The view of the sunset over the Arafura sea from the Mindil Beach Casino's Infinity pool bar has become a popular shot to capture and share on Instagram. Supplied: Mindil Beach Infinity bar. Photo: The swim-up pool bar is one of the features that has helped earn the Infinity the reputation as a bit of 'Bali in Darwin'.

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Photo: The iconic sunset shot at Mindil Beach Infinity pool bar. Supplied: Mindil Beach Infinity. Photo: Narelle Flannagan teaches two classes a week — one at Goonellabah's overs aqua aerobics club, and the other at St Vincent's Hospital pool.

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Photo: The aqua aerobics classes also provide a low-impact physical activity for those recovering from surgery. Photo: Bob Phillips is not bothered that he is often the only man in attendance at his aqua aerobics class. Photo: Carina Platt says there is a unique energy to the falls. Supplied: Carina Platt. They need to have respect. I filmed Kane and fed him for four years on the streets. My mum was the foster carer. Rankine is a controversial figure.

He is an evangelical Christian who heads up his own ministry and does outreach work.

Rankine feeds, prays for and films the street homeless people of Birmingham. He says he is documenting it all because somebody has to bear witness.

Homelessness could happen to any of us – the numbers shame us all | Liam Byrne

Kane is in such distress that it is almost unwatchable. I am done, brother. Oh God. We as a nation can draw together. Meanwhile, Obee went on TV to talk about the abuse his friend endured on the streets. There was not a lot of help for him there and there should have been. Astonishingly, it emerges that in it did not investigate the circumstances of a single one of the estimated 18 deaths of homeless people that occurred in the city.

Birmingham is a city in crisis. The number of properties owned by Birmingham city council has halved since the s, from more than , units to 61, The overall estimate is that there are now 20, homeless people in the city. The council receives applications every month from people who fear they are about to become homeless. A rise in street homelessness inevitably leads to a rise in drug addiction, and vice versa. There were deaths related to drug poisoning in the city between and — the highest number since records began in Meanwhile, the correlation between being brought up in care and adult homelessness is stark.

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While one in children have been in care at some point in their lives, one in four homeless people have been in care. For Byrne, the issue is personal — his father and paternal grandparents were alcoholics, and his grandmother and uncle had schizophrenia. Byrne is bright, open and very emotional. How was he failed? A lot of people can tell you about the effort that was made to try to help Kane in the last couple of years of his life. Some pretty serious outreach tried to catch him. Byrne is particularly horrified by the grip spice has on homeless people. Not only is it deadly, he says, but there has been no investment in detox programmes.

Are people looking for a programme yet? His friends are convinced it was this that killed him. Seven months after first getting in touch with Alexandra Davis, she agrees to see us. Talking about him tends to make her feel worse, she says, so she tries to avoid the subject. She asks for one favour. To me, he was my brother, and I was his sister. Davis turns up with her two children.