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I'm a duty solicitor with Victoria Legal Aid once a week. I also embroider, make clothes weed the garden contemplate the goldfish and go for long walks. And read a lot. Being picked up out of my seawater pond by my father when I was eighteen months old. It was a frightfully hot night and we had gone down to the beach so my mother could put her swollen ankles in the sea.

Then she went into labour, my father picked me up, and I screamed because I liked it where I was. I can still recall the feeling of his hands closing around my torso.

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It felt very safe. What makes you laugh? P G Wodehouse, Terry Pratchett. Verbal humour. I do not, even reflexively, laugh when someone slips on a banana skin. What is your proudest moment? When I graduated from Melbourne University with two degrees, or when I held my first book in my hand.

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I slept with it under my pillow for a week, in case i had imagined it. Intrepid baker and erstwhile investigator Corinna Chapman returns triumphantly in her first adventure in seven years. A celebration of the divine Phryne Fisher, this special collectable treat for her fans is lavishly illustrated in full colour and includes all-new Phryne short stories, plus recipes and other miscellany.

The divine and fearless Miss Phryne Fisher returns in her 20th adventure in a vastly entertaining tale of murder, spies, mathematics and music. A gripping novel about an incredible journey behind enemy lines, told in diary form. Phryne Fisher, the s most elegant and irrepressible sleuth, returns in her second three adventures - bound together in one great value volume. Phryne is back in a thrilling mystery that takes her into dark convents and dank cellars in a frantic search for missing girls.

When Corinna Chapman, talented baker and reluctant investigator, accepts an offer to do the baking for the film set of a new soap called 'Kiss the Bride', twists and turns ensue, with complications involving nursery rhymes and a tiger called Tabitha!

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Corinna Chapman returns in her fifth adventure, witty and wise as ever - running rings around the villains, courageous on behalf of the helpless, and committed to the pursuit of baking excellence. The fabulous Phryne - the s most elegant and irrepressible sleuth - returns for her seventeenth adventure investigating the death of a man at St Kilda while at the same time trying to find a lost child who could inherit an old woman's fortune.

Will the opening of a hot bread shop nearby spell the end for Corinna Chapman's Earthly Delights Bakery? Our amateur sleuth and baker extraordinaire returns in another criminally entertaining and delicious adventure from the author of the bestselling Phryne Fisher series.

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  8. The delectable Phryne Fisher has been invited to the Last Best party of When three of the guests are kidnapped Phryne finds she must puzzle her way through the scavenger hunt clues to retrieve the hostages. Someone is poisoning people with weight loss herbal teas and then there are odd things happening at the Cafe Vlad Tepes which attracts a very strange clientele indeed. Another delicious recipe for murder, mayhem and mystery in the Corinna Chapman series. The divine Phryne Fisher returns in the fifteenth seductive instalment in the classic Phryne Fisher whodunnit series.

    This is where it all started! The first classic Phryne Fisher mystery, featuring our delectable heroine, cocaine, communism and adventure. Phryne leaves the tedium of English high society for Melbourne, Australia, and never looks back. The second in the classic Phryne Fisher series from Kerry Greenwood, featuring the irresistible heroine Phryne.

    Whether she's foiling kidnappers, seducing beautiful young men or simply deciding what to wear for dinner, Phryne handles everything with her inimitable panache and flair.

    Forbidden Fruit: A Corinna Chapman Mystery #5

    Phryne Fisher returns in her fourth magical mystery amidst bullets, sexy ex-anarchists, furs, tattooists and silken lingerie. In Phryne's third adventure, Phryne is off to Ballarat for a week of fabulousness, but the sedate journey by train turns out to be far from the restful trip she was planning. Phryne Fisher goes to the circus for her sixth mystery.

    Stripped of her identity and wealth, it's only Phryne's keen wit and sharp thinking that will help her now. Phryne Fisher's fifth mystery intrigues with excitement, glamour, murder, dance halls and blackmail. The owner of Heavenly Pleasures maker of the most gorgeous chocolates in town is distraught. Someone is spiking her very expensive chocolates. Is it an elaborate and horrible joke, or is it a warning that worse may yet happen? Baker and reluctant sleuth Corinna Chapman is compelled to investigate.

    But when a body washes up on the beach, she must leave the carnival and find the killer. This is the fourteenth seductive installment in the classic Phryne Fisher whodunnit series. Introducing baker and amateur sleuth Corinna Chapman. Mysteries filled with gastronomical delights, humour and unexpected twists from the bestselling author of the Phyrne Fisher mysteries.

    In this thirteenth Phryne Fisher mystery, Phryne returns with a flourish to solve the most horrifying crime yet which takes her from a funfair ghost train to an abandoned mine in the old gold fields. The sassy Phryne Fisher comes to Sydney! This is the tenth, classic Phryne Fisher mystery. Phryne Fisher, intelligent, brave and stunningly chic, is back in this most entertaining mystery. And the characters are just quirky enough to be fun, not totally off the wall.

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    This book is just lots of fun. Some social commentary, but the live and let live attitude carries through. The narrator has the right tone for the book. Australia, small-business, friendship, family-dynamics, cosy-mystery The publisher's blurb is pretty good, but I really love the characters, especially those who live at Insula!

    Earthly Delights

    It's what the characters say and do that make the books, plots are always important but if the characters don't worm their way into you it's just another read. Each book in the series can stand alone, but you miss some really great laughs. Reading in order is not really necessary. I loved it. I just wanted to keep driving so I could finish it all. So far I have a "read" a book by this woman that I have not thoroughly enjoyed. For me reading is a mini vacation. So, when I read I want to be able to relax and have some fun.

    To that end I love her little twists and turns and happy endings! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, in large part due to the protagonist Corinna Chapman, a baker of large heart and large size. I agree with other reviewers who state that the story is fairly thin - it is, but I did not mind in the least.

    This was my first in the series but will not be my last. The characters are all special and Kerry Greenwood delights me in giving the quirky and off beat a full voice here, not just as colorful stick figures on the sidelines but carrying the story themselves. I want to be sitting in Corrine's shop and watching her treat the damaged and broken with respect and encouragement. She is a modern woman to be admired. Greenwood's other series, Phryne Fisher, also features a strong and admirable woman, but of a different time and character. Both of these women are great contributions to the mystery genre.

    The narrator here does a commendable job overall, but some of her minor characters are a bit oddly read. I am not hugely fond of the way she reads Daniel, but that is personal taste. Occasionally she forgets to revert to "narrator voice" and carries over her character voice into descriptive sections. I would listen to another book by her though, so it is not too bad. Such easy appreciation and acceptance of herself and people around her is just lovely.

    The voice actor, Ms Seversen gave the book an extra dimension. I would listen to her work again for sure. The story feels a bit far fetched, and not extremely mysterious, but that's not a problem. The pace is good and I felt enough outrage and sympathy in the right places to enjoy it. Kerry Greenwood creates interesting and likeable characters.

    Always a pleasure to meet them.