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Tomorrow, he'd have his chance.

I've lost everything because I listened to stupid Immortals who thought they knew more than me, Katie nearly shouted in frustration. Dean even convinced himself as he listened to his unexciting voice.


He listened for a few moments with Dean standing by the doorway as the boy's mother talked. He listened attentively to her requests — something easy to see on the road, lots of room inside, easy to drive and with good gas mileage.

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Some said that babies recognized their mother's voice when they were first born because they had listened to them in the womb. He ignored the senses warning him of the guards drawing near and instead smoothed dark hair from her face and listened for her breathing. He listened to the hushed conversation that devolved into a hushed fight. He listened to her breathing, could almost taste her skin from their position. He listened for her and heard her stir in the secondary chamber to his right.

Unfortunately, the more independent she became, the less she listened to his advice. Carmen and Jonathan folded clothes while they listened to him read. After supper the twins and Destiny crawled into his lap and listened quietly as he read them a story. The evening was strangely silent and as she paused with her hand at the door, she listened in vain for sounds within.

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She listened to the next two messages, also from Laurie, and all but dropped the phone. She listened to the voicemails first and was soon laughing so hard, she was in tears.

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He listened to her erratic breathing, beyond satisfied at the effect he had on her. Xander listened , unaccustomed to being told what to do in a world where he did what he wanted. On his deathbed remorse seized him; he bestowed his goods on the poor, restored unjust gains, freed his slaves, and every third day till his death listened to the reading of the Koran. He listened to no adverse criticism and receded before no obstacle. Rome, ever mindful of hei unique past, listened to Arnolds preaching.

It was only the habit of interurban jealousy which prevented the communes from at once combining to resist demands which threatened their liberty of action, and would leave them passive at the pleasure of a foreign master The diet was opened at Roncaglia near Piacenza, where Fredericli listened to the complaints of Como and Lodi against Milan, of Pavia against Tortona and of the marquis of Montferrat against Asti and Chieri. The only speech made by him during his three years in parliament that was listened to with impatience was, curiously enough, his speech in favour of counteracting democracy by providing for the representation of minorities.

His attack on the conduct of Governor Eyre in Jamaica was listened to, but with repugnance by the majority, although his action in this matter in and out of parliament was far from being ineffectual. At a very early age, about the year , he listened to the lectures of Pantaenus and Clement in the catechetical school. Gregory listened to the appeal; he projected - not, indeed, as has often been said, a crusade,' but a great expedition, which should recover ' Tradition credits a pope still earlier than Gregory VII.

If Frederick had only come in person, a single month of his presence might have meant everything: if Pelagius had only listened to King John, the sultan was ready to concede practically everything which was at issue. Thus during the six days of the week the Therapeutae "philosophized," each in his own cell, but on the Sabbath they met in a common assembly, where women also had places screened off from the men, and listened to a discourse from one who was the eldest and most skilled in their doctrines.

All listened devoutly to a discourse delivered with an emphatic slowness and penetrating beneath the letter of the Law to the spiritual truth that lay hidden within. But his fame had gone forth throughout Europe, and intimations reached him from many quarters that his voice would be listened to everywhere with favour, in advocacy of the doctrines to the triumph of which he had so much contributed at home. In this supreme crisis, then, it is not surprising that the masses listened with sullen indifference to the fiery eloquence of the Coalition leaders.

He lodged with Thomas Paine, and listened to the debates in the Convention.

Savonarola listened unmoved to the awful words, and then quietly resumed his interrupted devotions. After the hard-won victory over Mosailima, Omar, fearing that the sayings of the prophet would be entirely forgotten when those who had listened to them had all been removed by death, induced Abu-Bekr to see to their preservation in a written form.

At first she listened to the moderate counsels of l'Hopital in so far as to avoid siding definitely with either party, but her character and the habits of policy to which she had been accustomed, rendered her incapable of any noble aim. The naturalness of his acting fascinated those who, like Partridge in Tom Jones, listened to nature's voice, and justified the preference of more conscious critics. Talleyrand listened unmoved, but afterwards sent in his resignation of his seat on the council. The Council accordingly listened to the accusations of Ferrar's chapter, and in he was summoned to London and imprisoned on a charge of praemunire incurred by omitting the king's authority in a commission which he issued for the visitation of his diocese.

The population had not been consulted as to the declaration of war, and their opinion was no more listened to now; but by giving up the cooperation of Parliament the prime minister at the same time abdicated his power in favour of the military authorities.

After his third capture, in March , he coolly boasted that he had lain under a sofa, and listened to a private conversation between the queen and Prince Albert.

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  • The opening lecture of his course was listened to by a large and appreciative audience. Impressive in matter rather than in manner of delivery, and seldom rising to the level of eloquence in the sense in which that quality was understood in a House which had listened to Bright and Gladstone, his speeches were logical and convincing, and their attractive literary form delighted a wider audience than that which listens to the mere politician. As neither party yielded, Oudinot listened to his Catholic advisers, attacked Rome, with which the French Republic was technically at peace - and was roundly repulsed by Garibaldi.

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    She read them, and she listened to Todorskiy, and to other advisers who told her that the Russian crown was well worth a mass, or that the differences between the Greek and Lutheran churches were mere matters of form. It seems possible that he had listened to the lectures of Nausiphanes,a Democritean philosopher, and Pamphilus the Platonist, but he was probably, like his father, merely an ordinary teacher. Before he was three he had insisted on being taken to hear Sacheverel preach at Lichfield Cathedral, and had listened to the sermon with as much respect and probably with as much intelligence, as any Staffordshire squire in the congregation.

    They, again, constantly intrigued with Spain, and there were moments when James, driven desperate by the preachers, listened to their projects. He listened , however, to the advice of his friend Sir Robert Henley, a brother barrister, afterwards known as Lord Chancellor Northington, and persevered, working on and waiting for success. Palmerston listened to the tsar's proposals, conveyed through Baron Brunnow, "with surprise and admiration.

    He accordingly set himself to obtain information about other religions, sent to Goa, requesting that the Portuguese missionaries there should visit him, and listened to them with intelligent attention when they came. The senate listened with delight to his promises to rule according to the maxims of Augustus, and to avoid the errors which had rendered unpopular the rule of his predecessor, while his unfailing clemency, liberality and affability were the talk of Rome.

    Yet the words Schopenhauer then listened to, often with baffled curiosity, certainly influenced his speculation. Knox was accordingly allowed to preach privately for six months throughout the south of Scotland, and was listened to with an enthusiasm which made him break out, "O sweet were the death which should follow such forty days in Edinburgh as here I have had three! It was during his stay in England that the shah, for two or three days without his grand vizier, who was mourning for the death of his brother, listened to bad advice and granted a concession for the monopoly of lotteries in Persia to a Persian subject.

    Those who thought him astray on the subject of religion listened to him with delight when he poetized the commonplaces of art, politics, literature or the household. He appeared as her ambassador at the court of Elizabeth to complain of the injustice done to her, and when he found he was not listened to he laid plans for her escape. The recital of the Azan must be listened to with the utmost reverence. He listened with tolerable calmness to their Grand Remonstrance, hut his attempt to seize the five members whom he accused of high treason made a good understanding impossible.

    Judges and juries alike were maddened with excitement, and listened greedily to the lies which poured forth from the lips of profligate informers. Gradually the ideas which were agitating Europe spread through Scandinavia into Iceland, and its claims were more respectfully listened to. The king must have listened to the curses as well as the blessings in chap.

    Only if I had listened...

    The mosques of the city were filled with crowds who listened to lectures on science and literature, law and religion. He was cordially received, and eagerly listened to, but his imprudent ardour served but to injure his cause. Barely seventeen months after the death of his first wife, the king listened to the advice of Canovas and married, in November , the Austrian archduchess Maria Christina of Habsburg.

    Canovas so fully comprehended the necessity of averting American intervention that he listened to the pressing demands of secretary Olney and of the American minister in Madrid, Hannis Taylor, an. In Italy those who prophesied the ruin of France were sure to be listened to. Had the British government listened to the representations then made to them, that, having conquered Egypt, it was imperative at once to suppress the revolt in the Sudan, the rebellion could have been crushed, but unfortunately Great Britain would do nothing herself, while the steps she allowed Egypt to take ended in the disaster to Hicks Pasha's expedition.

    They had to contend not only with the heretics, the nobles who protected them, and the people who listened to them and venerated them, but also with the bishops of the district, who rejected the extraordinary authority which the pope had conferred upon his legates, the monks. I listened , as tight as a bow string as Howie narrated in a whispered voice as he was patrolling around the house.

    Thus far, he'd listened to her, and she hoped he feared Damian enough to continue paying attention. Yully listened , breathless, to the strangers who vowed to protect her from a threat similar to her father. Sofia listened and trailed them through the house that resembled a frat house. Sofia listened as she approached Traci's bed and gazed down at the unconscious woman. Damian listened to the door close behind her, stunned by what he'd seen in her thoughts.

    He listened for the siren but heard only his Jeep, and twice, the scrapes of his underside as he bottomed out on protruding stone. One of Mrs. Worthington's friends taped the debate and Fred and Cynthia listened to it while Dean nursed his ego, and an ale or two, on the front porch.