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Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Matt's Million Matt, a 12 year old English boy, suddenly receives a letter from a solicitor with a check enclosed, for over 1 million pounds. It turns out that a computer game Matt wrote over a year ago was purchased by someone and sold internationally, bringing good money.

The million is Matt's share, and more money will keep coming in as the game continues to sell. Matt does not tell his mother right away, afraid that she will want him to put all the money in the bank and not spend any.

Matt's Million

Eventually he does tell her, and they agree that he would only spend the interest, which is not bad at all: the interest is over pounds a day. Click here to see the rest of this review. Matt begins by buying himself the best bike he can find.

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He also wants to buy one for Claire, his friend who knows about his fortune. Unexpectedly, instead of being happy Claire gets offended. Hope it works! That sounds like an awful lot of work. I would have never considered, for example, paying off my taxes with a credit card. I started paying for ALL my bills with a credit card, all groceries, etc. I just stayed on budget on what I was spending on my CC with what I would normally spend using my bank debit card.

It does require some discipline for sure as it can be tempting to spend more when you are buying things with a credit card. Travel hacking and using my credit card has actually made me more disciplined with my spending and how I track my money than ever before. I would apply for US credit card, but without any credit score we are out of luck.

See a Problem?

You get a bonus around miles for signing up and then 1 mile for 2 Euros spent in Germany , 3 miles per 4 Euros spent in the Czech Republic. Great post Matt, I discovered travel hacking a few years ago and have earned over a million miles mostly through credit cards and manufactured spending.

Having a flat bed in first or business class on long international flights is totally worth it. Totally worth it? Much less hassle is to just take a sleeping pill on that long flight. If you are like most people, you already use a credit card for most purchases, and you had to apply for that credit card. So why not spend 5 minutes applying for a different card that will give you an extra 50, points aka miles simply for doing what you already do? If you prefer cattle class over business class, you can still get that tiny seat for yourself for roughly half the points. Sounds like a win-win.

The real value of points lies in how you choose to use them. I save mine for international travel, and I only select Saver Awards, where I can routinely yield at least 3 cents per point, and sometimes 4 cents or more. The offer I got a few months back was different. I like the new offer just as much. Thank you for addressing this. I was just coming in to ask this. So you have to hit the 1k spend now. But are you still able to open the account, hit the spend, close the account and just keep doing it over and over like you said before?

If your card gives two nights please explain. Hi Matt! Or will that be more in effect in about 2 years? Thanks for all your info!!!

Caught on video: Exact moment when Matt's Million Mile Lexus hit a million miles. - Alt Car news

How about the actual reward seat availability nowadays? Has it improved with the amount of credit card miles recently available or can it be very difficult to find connections even for senior mile travelers? Award availability is down because planes are flying fuller thanks to a better economy, mergers, and reduced capacity. You just have to work with the dates and routes. Eh, I get it. I really do. However, I try to keep my life simple, and this is not it. Plus, I have real problems with these credit card companies tactics, business practices and ethics.

Or corporate malfeasance. Chase too? Not to mention the possibility of being hacked and taken for a ride, or dealing with all the attendant bullshit spam emails and offers this probably entails. Ugh, no. Great post Matt!!

Matt Redman and LZ7 - Twenty Seven Million (Official)

Interesting and informative content. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Great article. The step by step approach really explains it well. Great post Matt, this will really help me start my travel hacking ambitions to getting me and the family to Australia for my 40th in 18 months as I have a real passion for getting back to Sydney for his occasion.

My only concern is that I probably only have 6 months to earn the points , as I will need to book in January to be able to get a qualified flight for next December. Any tips on how to get around the qualified flights rules or knowledge on how and when the airlines apply the restrictions? Great info but it sounds like you have points spread out all over the place.

Can you somehow combine them to purchase flights? Great advice, Matt! However, since this is U. Our banking system and laws are slightly different than that of the United States, hence my question. If not, then who would you recommend we follow for advice for that? It can definitely work! Check out the website pointshack. I have a card with the ANZ bank I had , points with them. I was going to Romania last year I was going to use the points for the airfare. I was only allowed to purchase the flights through the ANZ bank with my points.

So I just cashed the points in. This article is great just wish we had the same rules here as they do in America. In Europe it works only in UK and also it is not a big deal at all. In USA you can get easily first class flight to Europe ,almost, for free. Thanks Matt! I got into travel hacking a few years ago after reading your blog. Thanks, Matt. I received some gift cards from my previous employer and used one for a money order to deposit into my bank account to pay bills.

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Good tip! Regarding manufactured spend- Do you take the debit card to the bank to purchase the money order, and them immediately have them deposit that into your account, or can you buy the MO elsewhere? I emailed Matt about this as well. I think most grocery stores offer money orders at the customer service desk. Then you could go deposit it at the bank. Not sure if banks will let you purchase a money order and then immediately deposit it.