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It takes years, sometimes decades, to cultivate relationships with donor networks across the nation.

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Grassroots fundraising, many strategists have come to believe, has now reached the same level of importance as courting big-time party donors. But if you look at where her money came from, it came from the bottom, it came from small donors too. Some of the six House Democrats with ambitions have already taken steps to close the fundraising gap with their more established colleagues in the Senate. As founder and chairman of the House Democratic Future Forum, Swalwell, 38, has visited more than 50 cities across the country since he took office in to meet with millennials at town hall events.

Those visits have served the dual purpose of diversifying and expanding his potential donor list.

Migraine and the Presidency: Clinical Lessons from History?

Moulton, a former Marine Corps officer who has taken preliminary steps to launch a campaign, headed one of the most successful and expansive leadership PACs in the country this past cycle, endorsing 67 federal and local candidates in 28 states and supporting them with resources and training. Kamala Harris.

Add the heft of a presidential run on to that load, and the balance could teeter. Ironically, that gives him a distinct edge over the other House hopefuls, said Nahigian, who thinks the year-old Texan is the only House Democrat with a real shot at competing for the nomination.

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James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Garfield are the only presidents for whom the House was their highest office before reaching the presidency. Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call on your iPhone or your Android. Sep 28, To conservative base voters it sounds like a big deal—eliminating three out of fifteen cabinet departments, and all their functions, would have to be a major cut in the size of government.

Inside the White House: The Cabinet

But are the candidates promising to eliminate the functions of those agencies? Of course not.

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The Commerce Department carries out the census, which is required by the Constitution, and only Michelle Bachmann is actually anti-census. Nor have the candidates identified other functions within Commerce that they would cut.

The Education Department administers student loans and Pell Grants, as well as federal aid to local school systems. Have the candidates, other than Ron Paul, proposed to eliminate these functions? McCollum and Ellison have now fired a legislative shot across the bow to Klobuchar and Bachmann's bills with a bill of their own that would limit federal money for a new bridge.

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He and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar spent nearly an hour with the delegations in a Capitol conference room. Croix bridge.

McCollum was happy with the working group idea. Klobuchar noted that both Ellison and McCollum's districts have major transportation projects under way and funded with federal dollars. He said McCollum's proposal to redesign the bridge is a non-starter.

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Mark Dayton has said before that the state money for a new St. Croix bridge can't sit around in limbo while Congress takes its time. While he had previously set a now-expired Sept.