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The regime he replaced had been both weak and corrupt, and was not widely regretted. The casinos had acquired a bad reputation for fleecing tourists and Batista called in the American gangster, gambling tsar and financial wizard Meyer Lansky to mend matters. The diminutive Lansky, a figure of impeccably reserved and conservative demeanour, insisted that all gambling under his control be straight — no marked cards, shaved dice or crooked roulette wheels — that winnings be paid on the nail and that a reassuringly decorous and respectable atmosphere be maintained at all times.

Around midnight on the last day of General Batista commandeered three airforce planes, filled them with his wife and family, closest aides and baggage, and fled to the Dominican Republic. He died in Spain in , aged seventy-two.

The Cuban Revolution

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A Coup in Cuba. It began as a revolt of sergeants and enlisted men in the military, who soon allied with student activists in the Directorio Estudiantil Universitario.

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The leader of the revolt, Sergeant Fulgencio Batista , became the head of the armed forces and began a long period of influence on Cuban politics. The authoritarian policies of Gerardo Machado and the Great Depression beginning in plunged Cuba into an economic and social crisis, amidst which opposition groups proliferated.

Fulgencio Batista – One of the worst and most cowardly dictators in history

Other groups from the Machado opposition were unsatisfied with the provisional government, which to them represented an unacceptable compromise with US interventionism. On August 24, the Student Directory issued a Manifesto-Program that denounced the ABC and made various demands, including the formation of a new government. After the fall of Machado, the military perceived its situation as precarious. Opposition forces controlled Havana , and took their revenge on supporters of the Machado regime, including police and some soldiers. The military was reluctant to intervene in this situation lest the public perceive it as an agent of the old regime.

Arrest of 50 soldiers and 21 officers did not satisfy demands for reform. A group of sergeants began meeting at the Columbia barracks, forming the Columbia Military Union.


Their ambition to improve conditions in the army quickly expanded to a plan for regime change. This gave Batista the opportunity to do a passionate oration which brought him attention as a future leader. In August the group of sergeants created a manifesto calling for dignity, respect, and benefits for soldiers, and declaring the duty of soldiers to rebel.

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Batista asked the ABC, to which he belonged, to publicize the manifesto. The ABC, which had established itself as part of the status quo government, refused, and Batista and others left the group. As the movement grew, the plotters met in larger venues, including the masonic Gran Logia de Cuba and a military hospital. Student activist Justo Carrillo [14].

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On September 3 and 4 some of the lower-ranking officers at Columbia barracks directly raised issues of back pay and promotions with the senior officers. Batista allowed him to enter. The soldiers made their complaints with mounting enthusiasm; Torres Menier withdrew to consult with other superior officers. Another meeting was scheduled for 8PM. In the interim, leaders of the coup rallied their supporters.

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The meeting that evening took place in a theater. The senior officers had been excluded. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Revolt of the Sergeants by Philip Garlington. Revolt of the Sergeants by Philip Garlington.

In a word, five retired US Army soldiers, animated by quixotic fantasy and in my view by some sort of overt pathology, entered southwestern Sudan in stolen aircraft and routed the ragtag government garrison from the provincial capital of Rembec. Sharking up a militia, they became for a few months the de facto government of the province, repelling government counterattacks and briefly curbing some of the endemic banditry. Inevitably and quickly, their unsupported insurrection collapsed and the province returned to its usual anarchy Apparently these balding ex-rankers were not soldiers of fortune.

There is no fortune in Darfur, which then and now is an arid, isolated, disease-ridden, economically prostrate running sore of misery. The superannuated quintet had not been hired, nor did they expect to find compensation for their risky enterprise. The Americans financed their low-budget rebellion solely through the sale of captured weapons.

At the same time, no other motive is Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published June 9th first published April 21st