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Robinson plays Dan Vega, host of Mega Money Quiz , the rules of which are not made particularly clear in the beginning or middle, or end of this bit. You had all summer to think of it! As it stands, the mysterious case of a Wienermobile-esque vehicle crashing into an upscale clothing store and its missing driver—who really could be anybody, as a hot dog costume-clad Robinson sagely points out—gets to wear the crown. Robinson turns what easily could have been a one-note bit into a highlight of the show.

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Its endlessly quotable silliness makes a tough truth—that we all just desperately want to be liked, badly, even by complete strangers—so much fun. And did we mention Sam Richardson? A Walk the Line parody is just about the last thing we were expecting from any comedy show in , which is just one part of what makes this sketch so wonderful.

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Share Tweet Submit Pin. As the hippo and I sat backstage getting ready to go on, someone asked if I was nervous that Dave would eat me alive.

She just looked at me and laughed. That was the first time Dave and I met: on the air, Feb. I was lucky—he took it easy on me.

See above.

He was more polite than I anticipated, though I do remember him looking at me like I might be a little crazy. In all fairness, he still does that. The show must have gone well, because the producer asked us back. We never did rehearsals with Dave and I think that is one of the major reasons it worked: His genuine, unbridled reactions are priceless.

Mr. Beaks Ushers In The New Year With His Top Ten Guy-In-A-Gorilla-Suit Scenes!

One of our most chaotic appearances happened soon after our first show, when I brought a couple of full-grown camels to the city. I weighed and measured them, but I forgot to measure the height of their humps. As we walked down the hallway to the studio, their humps took out just about every ceiling panel—ruined them, lights and all. I never noticed that they had a camera rolling during the whole fiasco and that Dave was going to open the show with it. Thankfully it was a big hit, and no one was hurt. Dave then rode one of camels and almost knocked his head on one of the studio spotlights, but otherwise the show went great.


In , I decided that we should revisit camels after all these years. So I brought one to the studio and attempted to ride it myself this time. Though we managed not to tear the building apart, I almost broke my kneecaps. Apparently, camels and Letterman are a bad combination. Emmy has a big passion for helping others and motivating people. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Career Seth Rogen began as an actor when director Judd Apatow recognized his skills.

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