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She came up with The Planetary Game, which had up to players moving across a life-sized board. So, with another Findhorn resident, Kathy Tyler, Joy condensed it into a board game, to be played with two facilitators, and created The Transformation Game.

It looks just like any other board game from the outside. The board looks standard, too. Then you realise there are four segments. There are no winners or losers here. As you play you meet challenges and setbacks. Yet equally there are blessings and insights. I was sceptical, to put it mildly.

Note on “A Transrealist Manifesto”

Although you can play at home, having a facilitator apparently makes the experience deeper. So I joined three others and facilitator Jacqueline to try it. We introduced ourselves over drinks and nibbles: it felt more like a cocktail party than a game of spiritual Risk — until we settled at the board. The object is to shift your perspective; to show how to make changes in your life. You could call it a personal consulting tool.

I needed careers advice on whether to continue as a journalist. Could the game deliver or would it prescribe fluffy unicorns and whale song?

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It soon became clear this was no Tiddlywinks. We took it in turns to roll the die and pick cards to place in Personal Unconscious envelopes. I threw a one and picked one Life Angel card. My next throws netted me five Life Insight cards and three Life Setback cards.

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Jacqueline told us to tuck them away without reading them. Jane says the applications of the game became more practical as they continued to play, Insight cards revealed things that could help to achieve goals. Fortunately my next throw launched me and everybody sang a rendition of Happy Birthday. Jacqueline clocked my furrowed brow. My card said Trust, with a picture of a cute angel hugging a unicorn. So far, so totally, utterly woo-woo. Yet, as we continued to play, the game took a more practical turn.

Our Setback cards indicated what was blocking us, while Insight cards illuminated things that could help us achieve goals. Jane claims her career was transformed after playing the game, she landed a book deal, new consultancy work and was asked to co-host retreats. Ouch, that was on the money. I am ridiculously over-sensitive to criticism or rejection in work.

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I need to woman up. It also nudged me to recognise my strengths. We only played for an evening A Place To Heal is planning weekend workshops for a deeper immersion yet the Game had given me some surprisingly solid advice. I should get over perceived rejections and not take things so personally.

April 2016

I needed to relax. In his father's home, Jay discovers a floppy disk containing not only the complete SSS colony plans but a personal message from his father asking that he complete the projects should terrorists succeed in destroying the colony. To protect the colony plans and to avenge his father's death, Jay sets out to fight the terrorists responsible for the space colony's destruction.

The player controls Jay McCray, as he goes on a mission to defeat the terrorist group responsible for his father's death.

The Case for Computer-Augmented Games

There are five stages, consisting of the ruins of a space colony, an underground concourse, the enemy's hideout, a flying spaceship, and a factory. The player must fight his way through an assortment of robotic enemies and security systems in order to reach the end of each stage and fight the stage's boss. The controls follow the standard conventions of other side-scrolling action games for the NES.

The character can lie down, but he can only aim his gun left or right. In addition to the default handgun weapon, the player can switch to one of five additional weapons that can be procured throughout the course of the game a shotgun, a machine gun, a homing gun, a laser rifle, and a grenade launcher.

Each of these special weapons consumes the player's Gun Energy gauge and once it runs out, the player will automatically revert to the default handgun. The player can replenish Jay's health and ammo by retrieving energy capsules dropped by defeated enemies.

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  4. After the fifth and final stage is completed and the ending is shown, the player will restart the game on the first stage.