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A single Baird's sparrow sings once or twice into the silence. I love the song of this bird. Typically, it gives three short zips in the opening phrases and then ends with a musical trill that fades and drops in pitch toward the end, leaving the listener felling a bittersweet melancholy. Image courtesy of Stephen Davis Stephen Davis, a Canadian Wildlife Service biologist and grassland bird specialist who appears in the book here is his website , once told me that researchers have identified thirteen different versions of the Baird's sparrow song.

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Like most things in nature, it's a matter of paying close enough attention. Part of the appeal of grassland is its gentle way of calling us to that closer attention.

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"Gray Sparrow's Heartache" from "Between The Sky & Prairie"

Der Ornithologische Beobachter in German. Archived from the original on Historia" [China. History] in Polish. Retrieved 3 May Cambridge University Press. The Independent. Retrieved 30 January Denis In Search of Sparrows. London: Poyser.

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Population and Development Review. Namespaces Article Talk. The Chinese people took to the streets clanging their pots and pans or beating drums to terrorize the birds and prevent them from landing. Nests were torn down, eggs were broken, chicks killed, and sparrows shot down from the sky. Experts estimate that hundreds of millions of sparrows were killed as part of the campaign.

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An account from the Shanghai newspaper captures the excitement:. On the early morning of December 13, the citywide battle to destroy the sparrows began.

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In large and small streets, red flags were waving. On the buildings and in the courtyards, open spaces, roads and rural farm fields, there were numerous scarecrows, sentries, elementary and middle school students, government office employees, factory workers, farmers and People's Liberation Army shouting their war cries.

In the Xincheng district, they produced more than 80, scarecrows and more than , colorful flags overnight.

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The residents of Xietu road, Xuhui distrct and Yangpu road Yulin district also produced a large number of motion scarecrows. In the city and the outskirts, almost half of the labor force was mobilized into the anti-sparrow army. Usually, the young people were responsible for trapping, poisoning and attacking the sparrows while the old people and the children kept sentry watch. The factories in the city committed themselves into the war effort even as they guaranteed that they would maintain production levels.

In the parks, cemeteries and hot houses where there are fewer people around, free-fire zones were set up for shooting the sparrows. The Nanyang Girls Middle School rifle team received training in the techniques for shooting birds. Thus the citizens fought a total war against the sparrows. By 8pm tonight, it is estimated that a total of , sparrows have been killed.

By April of , it started to become painfully obvious to the Chinese leaders that the sparrows, in addition to eating grains, ate insects.