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According to one account, the men beat the auk with two large stones others say they used sticks until it was lifeless. Decades later, historians learned that this bird was likely the last great auk in Great Britain. Within five years, the last breeding pair of the species would suffer a similar—though less superstitious—fate. On the island of Eldey near Iceland, a mating pair of auks was strangled to death by a group of fishermen. At that moment, the female bird had been incubating an egg. As the men struggled to kill the auk, one of the fishermen stomped on the egg with his boot, effectively crushing the future of the species along with it.

While you spend all December opening your LEGO , sock , and wine Advent calendars, it's possible your cat will get a little jealous. Thankfully, there's a solution that will keep all the members of your household happy for the holidays. As PopSugar reports, Trader Joe's is releasing a special Advent calendar that specifically caters to cats.

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The Advent calendar is filled with festive goodies your kitty will love. As vice president of merchandising Colin Fields recently revealed on the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, the calendar contains treats made from salmon and seaweed—two ingredients that cats love and that are good for them , too.

If they're patient enough to eat one treat a day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, your cat will be rewarded with a "gigantic," fish-shaped treat on day The product developers at Trader Joe's decided to make an Advent calendar for cats following the success of their Advent calendar for dogs in And if you don't have a pet to entertain during the holidays, don't worry: The cult grocery store chain also sells traditional Advent calendars for humans. Here are some facts and secrets to brush up on before your next Trader Joe's outing. On October 4, , Snoopy the beagle made his debut in Charles M.

Until January 9, , Snoopy walked on all fours.

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Here are 10 things you might not have known about the world's most beloved beagle. Charles Schulz and his family grew up with dogs, and in they adopted Spike, a black-and-white mutt. Spike and Snoopy have similar markings. Later on, in the late s and early s, it was revealed that Snoopy had two more siblings: Molly and Rover. Spike lived near Needles, California, which is where the Schulz family lived from to Schulz, however, regretted giving Snoopy brothers and sisters.

Though we never saw the inside of Snoopy's doghouse in the comic strip, it was revealed over the years that it held a lot of personal possessions, including records, books, an original Vincent van Gogh painting, and a pool table. Instead of Snoopy, a snowman churned out chunks of ice. But in , Snoopy—who had become one of the world's most popular licensed characters—replaced Frosty to create the now-iconic Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine.

The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places

In , Snoopy received a coveted star on the Walk of Fame. The Charles M. In , the Snoopy Museum Tokyo opened in Japan—a first for the country. However, in , the museum closed to make room for a bigger one. They filled the void with traveling exhibitions. Like the previous museum, it will display original Peanuts comic strips along with exclusive collections. Snoopy has an active imagination.

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  7. In , Schulz introduced the alter ego who combats the Red Baron, who is based on real German flying ace Manfred von Richthofen. Kids can follow Snoopy's adventures to the moon and to Mars.

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    Though those books are fictional, Snoopy recently tweeted that in , he will be heading to the moon. BY Lucas Reilly. The sheer warmth and feeling portrayed here make this a compelling watch. Philomena is based on the true story of Philomena Lee, an Irish woman who became pregnant at eighteen and was sent to a home for unwed mothers. The film traces her attempts to find her son — more than 20 years after he was taken from her — in the company of recalcitrant journalist Martin Sixsmith.

    The blossoming relationship between the two main characters forms the emotional heart of the film. If any film could be said to be a British icon then Chariots of Fire is it.

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    Not only has the amazing score by Vangelis made its way into popular culture, even making an appearance at the Olympics opening ceremony, but the film itself is a celebration of British sporting spirit. It centres around Harold Abraham, the Jewish winner of the Olympic metre sprint, and Eric Liddell, the record-breaking runner, whose devout faith prevented him from running on a Sunday. The struggles of the two men — one running to overcome prejudice and the other for the glory of God — gives the film its intensity and power and has ensured its popularity since its release in Though much of the film deals with the initial distrust — and burgeoning relationship — between the two radically different communities, it also finds time to explore the consequences of the British communities whose industrial roots were being shattered by strikes and industrial action, and the treatment of and prejudices towards gay people during the s.

    What could be more British than a story about the Royal family?

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    Painting a historically accurate and moving picture of Britain at wartime, this film is definitely worth a watch. Though there is no shortage of war films to choose from, The D am B usters has to be one of the very best. Not only has the score become iconic, but the mixture of triumph with the more sobering acknowledgement of the cost of war have made this film stand out.

    This British-made film cannot fail both to inspire and to tug at the heartstrings.