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New Releases. Description This book presents the life and music of Joshua Uzoigwe, a Nigerian composer-ethnomusicologist. The book examines the socio-cultural factors that most influenced Uzoigwe's creative thought, inspiration, and imagination. His music is a vivid representation of a modern intercultural music.

Phillips, Ekundayo 1884-1969

A discussion of the stylistic features in Uzoigwe's music reveals the relationship between traditional and contemporary musical processes in modern African art music through the examination of rhythmic, tonal and harmonic organization, thematic processes, form, instrumentation, titles of works, and the interrelations of music and dance. The influence of Uzoigwe's extensive research on ukom music is evident in his compositions, particularly the Talking Drums, Ritual Procession, and Oja.

About Godwin Sadoh Godwin Sadoh is a Nigerian organist-composer, pianist, choral conductor, ethnomusicologist, and prolific publishing scholar with over 90 publications. He has taught at numerous institutions including the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Sadoh was appointed Professor of Music in Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Thank you for sending in your comment. I apologize for taking so long to respond but I just saw this comment this morning. I'm thankful to whoever composed it.

It's no wonder that so many different performers worldwide love singing this Nigerian religious song. God bless you also and Peace! Hello, and thank you so much for this post. I haven't been able to listen to the music because my computer just shows black boxes. Can you please tell me what format the videos are in?

I think I must need to download another program. We have been singing this song for many years. It's one of my favorites.

Today another singer told me that a friend of hers was told by her Nigerian friend that Ayo Bankole was the original composer. It certainly seems possible, but I hesitate to put an attribution in our song book without another verification. I'm wondering if you have been able to find out the composer's name. I see that earlier in the post you said that you had not yet discovered it. Thanks so much and many blessings.

Thomas King Ekundayo Phillips

Greetings, Marian L Shatto. I'm sorry that you are unable to see these videos. I have Adobe Flash and use the reposting codes used on YouTube to repost the videos that are found on pancocojams and my other websites. I hope this information helps you. With regard to the original composer of the beautiful song "Ise Oluwa", I'm still unsure of the name of that composer.

I will refer you to the uploader comment that I reposted after Video 2. I visited that comment thread again, and the uploader's name gsadoh has been revised to composer Godwin Sadoh. He mentioned that this song was first composed by a "pioneer of Yoruba church music who composed "Ise Oluwa" in the early 20th century. Lagos, May 17th, ; d.

Lagos, November was a composer and organist from the Yoruba ethnic group in southwest Nigeria He wrote a great deal of Christian liturgical music, and his compositions show elements of both traditional Nigerian music and Western classical music. I have posted a comment to that video asking for the name of the original composer.

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I'll add that information to this post if I receive a response from Mr. Thanks again! This song has been arranged by several composers and arrangers that it is extremely difficult to pin down the original composer of the tune. Thomas Ekundayo Phillips [], a.

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For more info on Phillips, read my book on him on iuniverse website. Very informative write up. I have two interpretations of the song on Youtube as well. Best wishes! Edited by Azizi Powell "Ise Oluwa" e-shay o-loo-wah may be the most widely known African religious song among non-African people throughout the world. Here are eight renditions of and comments about that Yoruba Nigeria, West Africa religious song.

An English translation of lyrics to that song is included towards the end of this post.

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There are various settings of this Yoruba song. Godwin Sadoh--Piano accompanist. The comment was written in response to another person writing that "Ise Oluwa" was a Yoruba folk song: "Ise Oluwa" is not a folk song. It is actually a Yoruba Christian song composed by one of the pioneers of Yoruba church music, that is, choirmaster and organist, in the early 20th century.

A .D .DESMOND - ODOGWU - 2018 Christian Music - Nigerian Gospel Songs😍

There are several arrangements of the tune for vocal and instrumental ensembles by Nigerian professionally trained composers such as Samuel Akpabot, Laz Ekwueme, Joshua Uzoigwe, and Godwin Sadoh.