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Information provided on Chinese tea varieties was the tip of the iceberg, given the vast depths of production regions and tea styles available in China. Unlike other tea books that include recipes, this one provides the recipes by weight much preferred by serious bakers and includes tea as an ingredient. The design of the book was a little heavy-handed at times, especially when presenting quotes. The tea quotes chosen didn't seem to relate to the text at hand so they presented in a bit of a disjointed manner.

Sep 09, Cameron Toney rated it liked it Shelves: non-imaginary-things , a-readable-feast. I was trying to think of how to describe this book. Its not a coffee table book, and its not a textbook or other technical writing. But it is perfectly titled- a miscellany. This is a fun little book, with lots of quotes about tea, ideas for recipes and some general history and facts about tea. This is just a happy little read, about one of my favorite things.

Jan 06, Alexandra Buha rated it liked it. Relaxing, full of beautiful quotes, surprised me with the varieties of teas that are presented, perfect with a cup of tea, interesting recipes and easy to read.

Relax and get comfortable...

May 22, Nicole Murdoch rated it liked it. Lots of fun facts and quotes, a bit lengthy and repetitive though. Sep 02, Caburns rated it liked it.

Enjoyed the interesting facts and fun quotes regarding tea. Would have liked to see pictures of the tea plants and stages of processing.

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Jun 19, John Kropewnicki rated it did not like it. This books feels like a middle-schooler googled every term on wikipedia related to tea; printed them out; then put them in a book binder.

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  6. Dec 17, Julia rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction. Superficially researched at best. Amusingly the recipe for Russian tea contained pineapple juice as an ingredient.

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    There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Food and Drink. Shock and disbelief had to have been written all over my face. I was convinced he had loved me. How had I been so blind? Adding insult to injury, he then told me he wanted his house back.

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    The house had been an office for a quaint old saw mill that had been on a wooded piece of land 50 years prior, far away from the city and the intrusion of the world. He said he needed peace and quiet to escape the memories from the war. He had lived in it a year before we married. We are OK with that and just make the drink a bit cheaper. It's classic milk tea made with evaporated milk rather than powder. We make it by brewing really strong black tea, which we then strain and cool by pulling the liquid.

    We then add evaporated milk in to make it extra creamy and extra thick.

    It's our top-selling flavour. Be sure to brew it for longer than you usually would. Then mix this with the a large quantity of the best quality milk you can find.

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    Add sugar to your liking — bubble tea does have a lot of sugar traditionally but people are adding less sugar these days. Add ice, shake it in a cocktail shaker, and you have bubble tea! You buy the pearls dry we import ours from Taiwan, but you can find them in Chinatown , then cook them to get them to the chewy texture. Milk tea is your most traditional type of bubble tea. This is just different types of tea with milk; it can be rooibos, jasmine, genmaicha, Assam Ice tea can be any tea, but with different fruit flavours added, rather than milk.

    Here, we add fruit nectars which are fruit juices that have been made into nectars for us. It's milk or milk powder with fruit nectar or syrup added to flavour it. For instance, we recently invented coconut water bubble tea. Then we top it with a whipped savoury mousse. It gives you a two-layer drink, which people tend to just mix immediately, and makes for a very rich, creamy sweet and savoury tea. We make it with a small secret ingredient, and whipping cream. Editor's note: This is our photographer Laura's favourite bubble tea!

    You can find a similar thing at lots of other stores, just under different names, e.