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Gloria Copeland has always emphasized the importance of spending time in the Word on a daily basis. Faith is your responsibility. The only one who can guarantee that you enjoy a strong faith is YOU.

Top 7 Bible Verses To Strengthen Your Faith

God has given you the tools you need to develop a strong faith—the kind of faith that moves mountains, shuts the mouths of lions, quenches the flames of fire, turns weakness to strength, and puts whole armies to flight Hebrews How do you build that kind of faith? By hearing the Word of God again and again Romans Feeding your faith is the seed; hearing it again and again is how you water the seed and build faith. Just as with natural muscles, repetition is the key to building strong faith.

To build your faith, try implementing some of these ideas into your daily routine:. As you feed your spirit, remember that faith comes by hearing, but so does doubt. So, what are you listening to? What is the news telling you? What are your friends telling you? But the Bible says, in essence, You are what you speak Mark Strong Christians speak the Word and only the Word over their lives and the lives of those around them. They know it is often a matter of life and death. To get to a place where you speak the Word over every situation, work on mastering the first two habits.

When the devil tempted Jesus, He answered back Matthew How did He answer? With the Word and the Word only. Speak the Word again and again and again and again.

Fire off Scripture like a machine gun. Is your thought life healthy or toxic? The mind, spirit and body are interconnected— your thoughts affect your words, which affect your health, prosperity, joy, peace and every other area of your life. Caroline Leaf has shared about the connection between thoughts and overall success in life. And when you do…your brain [will] start operating correctly.

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You resist them. You answer them.

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Never let your thoughts go unanswered. You can become a master at thought domination by meditating on the Word of God. Did you know praise is a language? A strong Christian is fluent in praise. Praise is an act of faith. Strong Christians know there is a connection between praise and strength. They know a spirit of praise puts you in position and produces spiritual strength. To learn 4 Ways to Develop a Strong Spirit in , click here. A strong Christian knows the importance of keeping his spiritual battery charged.

When you pray in the spirit, you edify yourself, which means to improve or uplift.