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After a few days in training the coach belives Apolo will be great one day. Review part 5 Apolo has become very fast, and has won junior nationals. This means he has made the American olimpic team. He practices with the olimpians in Colorado, and the coach pays little attention to him because he is young. Apollo becomes very lazy and stops his hard practicing. He went to an international meet, and didnt care that he did awful.

Books to Read If You’re Psyched About The Winter Olympics

His dad took him to the coast line in washington and dropped him off for one week to think if he wants to contunuie skateing. He finds out that thats what he love and comes back training harder than ever before. His trainer thinks that he will burn out. Review Part 6 Apolo has a new mind set. His dad forced him to choose skating or a profession. Apolo chose to skate. He found himself beliving in himself and having a deep hunger for achivements. He has a new trainer that pays a lot of attention to him, and makes him train a lot harder. His work ethic increased and he started passing all the olimpians in practice.

Slowly but surly he was number one. He was winning a lot of races. Being so young he is still pursuing the path to the olimpics. Review part 7 Apollo finally got himself together and started to sate fast.

No Regrets (Vol. 2)

He won many meets. He got new skates, and you are supposed to break the skates in. Apollo didnt do that and in one race he was in winning position, and his skates gave out and he went flying into the boards on the sides of the rinks. He got up and finished second.

Do you get nervous before a competition?

He later found out he had hurt his back, and had chronic back problems. He said when he would train it would hurt really bad, but his hunger and ambition fueled him and blocked out the pain while he was training. A few meets later he falls again and both of his knee caps get out of place, he said it felt like knifes in his knees. He poped one knee cap in place and finished in second.

That same meet he fell again, but there were luckily no injuries. His knees hurt for a while from the injury, but he continued to train hard. Review part 8 Apolo learns that to be better he need to learn how to expell pain. He learned the mental strength is something he needs. H e would meditate and recicte to himself what he wanted to accomplish. It worked and he became stronger mentally. He statrted working out with a triathalite, and ran up mountains with him. He used mental starength and became very strong. He started to go to the sauna with the olimpic wrestelers and medidtated in there.

He got used to the heat and it helped his breathing. All these extra things he was going made him a lot better. When competitions came around he was winning all the events.

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He started looking to Muhhamad Ali for cofidence and arrogance, and to be the best you need to be cocky! View all 3 comments. Aug 03, Katie Hedgepeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I absolutely love this book! It's so positive and uplifting. I usually get bored with non-fiction, but that was not a problem here, and it didn't feel repetitive. I love the structure of the book.

It oozes positivity. He has a great outlook on life and I love his mentality. Yeah, words are not working for me right now, so I'll just say if you want a book that will inspire you to be positive and strive for your best, this is the book for you. I would definitely read it again and I have so many pa I absolutely love this book! I would definitely read it again and I have so many passages marked to go back and re-read.

Jan 17, Cheri rated it really liked it Shelves: readbutdontown , biography. Not only was this an inspirational book to read at the start of the year, it also has me excited to watch the athletes at the upcoming Olympic Games. We know they work hard to be the best in their sport, but Ohno gives insight into the mental aspect, the nutritional aspect, and the importance of a good support team. Mar 25, Kaiti Laughlin rated it it was amazing Shelves: given-to-me. I really enjoyed this book, the second one in the husband challenge!

Apolo Anton Ohno

Apolo really knows the best way to tell his story, and it's an enjoyable one from start to finish. It's amazing to see what it really takes to be an Olympic champion! Oct 18, Y H rated it it was amazing. Apolo is deadass about training. Sports psychology insights are great too.

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Apr 19, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: tv. Apolo Anton Ohno's book. This book was a great, motivational read, perfect for the last day of the year when most people are buckling down to make new years resolutions. While I read Ohno's previous book, it was more of a book aimed at kids, this book was for adults. He talked about his upbringing, his mother briefly and dove right into how he got into speed skating and certain events.

Very interesting. I am a fair weather fan and not embarrassed to admit it. I "discovered" him back in and Apolo Anton Ohno's book. I "discovered" him back in and have lightly been following his career ever since, especially around the Olympics. Very interesting read about his life previous to those games as I didn't know much. Dancers and sports people always win that game. I thought he won it with nearly no effort, so it was interesting to read about his experience with it.

And then of course, getting back into shape for last year as he is considered "old" for the sport now how depressing. I read this book at a good time. Start of a new year, a great motivational tool. I like Apolo Ohno a lot and I think he's got a good career ahead of him, no matter what he does. He has always been one of my favorite Olympians, never seem to need much media training. But then, what do I know Look how hot he is! I love Apolo Ohno. LOVE him. Not like the "marry me" kind of way, but the "role model" kind of way.

When I first found out about him, he was on Dancing with the Stars. My mom, who already knew who he was from the Olympics I wasn't that interested in the Olympics at that time, but my, has that changed For a while, I didn't know anything about him but the guy who won "Dancing". A little while later, the Vancouver Olympics came.

I was drawn t I love Apolo Ohno. I was drawn to speed skating. I fell in love with it, and along with it, Apolo Ohno. Celski too, who Ohno mentions in this book, but that's beside the point. His book came out shortly after the games. I was excited. I got it the Christmas it came out, and I haven't gotten to read it until now.

Apolo Ohno is an inspiring, fascinating person. If there's a more motivating, encouraging person on this Earth, introduce me, but until then, I give that title to Apolo. I loved learning about Ohno's past, including his rags to riches kind of story, which lacked the cheesiness of most of that kind of story.

His writing is to the point and informative. Very "this is how it happened and I refuse to let it bother me anymore.

It's a great book and I have already lent it out as a suggestion. Get your hands on this book! Jan 08, Katie rated it really liked it.